1 Social Media Strategy

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1 Social Media Strategy Use Social Media to increase your Sales Yoast ▸ Social Media ▸24 September, 2014 by Michiel Heijmans As a small business owner, there are many ways to promote your product or brand. One of these ways is free and can have a huge reach: social media. Unfortunately, a lot of the entrepreneurs I have spoken to recently feel that the effect isn’t worth the effort. We also see that in our reviews, by the way. It doesn’t matter if we review a photographer’s website or the site of an IT agency, most seem to invest little time in social media Read More

Search & Social I’m craving steak find it for me

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Search and Social I’m craving steak, find it for me I’m craving steak. What was that new restaurant? I know I saw it the other day in my stream, not sure what platform – I think it was my friend Patricia Wall who mentioned it.  Wait a minute – maybe it was one of her friends?  I can’t remember.  That’s okay, because the search engines will find it for me.  Back in 2011 I predicted that social platform interactions would start having an impact on search results.  By 2012, Google had started proving my prediction. [Tweet “These days, everything  happening Read More