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Start Social Where You Live! Social Media Tip

We acknowledge that social is here to stay. We work on ways to engage our target audience and grow our followers every day. In a nod to an old adage “Charity begins at home” I have created a new adage: “Social begins where you live”.

We often don’t think about those closest to us, our friends, our families and our local businesses as those with whom we ought to share our handles. This is a great and often, untapped resource. You never know who your connections and followers may have connecting and following them: These secondary connections and followers could in fact be part of your targeted audience.

It’s often the simplest things we forget to do, or don’t think to do because it seems so simple.

When we make it easy for people to give us a helping hand, most are more than willing to do so. My suggestion to you is to create a document, or a list (List.ly is great for this)  you can easily share, and that includes all your handles and links for all the social sites that you use both for personal and for your business.

I have named my List  ‘Please join me on my social sites’.   List each of the social platforms you use most, with all the handles related to that platform. Many of us have more than one handle for sites such as Twitter and Pinterest [some have both personal boards and business boards].

This seems like such a simple thing to do yet it can grow your audience exponentially.

Below I have listed my social sites and added the link to My List.ly List.

Please Join Me on My Social Sites (list.ly)

My Social Sites**



LinkedIn : http://ca.linkedin.com/in/elainelindsay/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/troolsocial


Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/troolsocial/

Tumblr: www.troolsocial.tumblr.com
**All links etc. provided as is. All of the information in this document was viable at time of creation. All things online change and at times the links etc may become obsolete. ©TROOL Social Media 2013


Suddenly, Google Plus Is Outpacing Twitter To Become The World’s Second Largest Social Network from Business InsiderElaine-lindsay-google-plus-evangelist-unofficial-hearts-google+

I am thrilled to have my constant comments vindicated: here is a short excerpt from the article!

The reasons behind Google Plus ’s growth — it now can boast 359 million active users, up 33 percent from 269 million users at the end of June 2012, according to GlobalWebIndex — are complex and tied to Google’s effort to build a connecting layer across all its services, including search, YouTube, maps and other products. Log into one, and you’ve logged into the lot.

Google itself is tight-lipped about its numbers. Its last released figures were in December, when the search giant said 500 million people had created Google Plus accounts.

But of this number, only 135 million were actively posting to Google Plus pages. Millions more were using some of the service’s features, such as clicking the “+1” button to show they liked certain web pages.

It remains far behind Facebook, which boasts 701 million active users, according to the report, though Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg last year claimed more than a billion active accounts.

Still, the volume of Google Plus accounts suggests naysayers were too hasty in calling its demise. Like many social networking services, Google Plus has won over a devoted core of users.

One such convert is New Zealand photographer Trey Ratcliff, whose picture-centric Google Plus page has nearly five million followers.

“It’s nice to pop into Google Plus to discover new things. Facebook is pretty good, but it’s harder to discover new people or have more in-depth discussions around passions,” he said in an email exchange.


Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/google-plus-is-outpacing-twitter-2013-5#ixzz2S4pU2ua7

1st Big Social Summit 2012 Las Vegas #BigSocial12

Learning|Laughing|Sharing & a Hangout in G+! #BigSocial12 Success!

Big Social Summit|#BigSocial12| Social Media

#BigSocial12 was a huge Success. In a nutshell here are my thoughts:

Las Vegas Trip = $1700
#BigSocialSummit2012 = $199
Spending time in Las Vegas at the Big Social Summit with my mentor Mari Smith and  the créme de la créme  of Social Media & Relationship Marketing Professionals = absolutely priceless!

Now that I have gotten the funny out, let me be serious for just a moment.

Each and every one of the people at #BigSocial12 is a leader in their niche. What an amazing group!

We were all ears for every speaker;  getting the  information and cutting edge tips that are the hallmark of such thought leaders,  from Facebook to LinkedIn , Pinterest to Twitter, even a Google+  Hangout featuring new music thanks to my friend  Ryan Van Sickle, a most talented guy who offered us his single ‘Somewhere in America’ [ this is one of the many reasons I am so smitten by Google+, it is chock full of wonderful folks who are more than happy to share their passion, talent and expertise with others in the G+ circleverse]

Being on top of the plethora of changes and new methodologies in  the top platforms, is no easy feat!

Staying on trend and in the know, ahead of the crowd: Continuing to learn and share with our peers, is why we come together and what makes this group special.

I make a point of talking ‘Best Practices’ in Social Media because adhering to ‘Best practices’ are my choice. ‘Best Practices’ in all things, is the way of the future.. I am committed to this aim, not just in social although this is where I choose to make my stand.

These people are the ‘Best Practices’ teachers and speakers who totally GET Social!  These social business authorities stand out from the rest and together we offered our piece of the social pie, to be shared among us, to take away to be digested later and even some bits  that we could put to use right away* (*Thank you Melonie Dodaro)

I was so touched by all of those at the summit understanding and embracing the transformational shift that is taking us into a new model, a more inclusive culture: more consciousness in business. Some call it heart-centered, integrating spirituality and business,  spiritual-based leadership, conscious leadership, conscious capitalism: Whatever you choose to call it, it is based on a more collaborative, and inclusive way of doing business and I see the shift reaching the tipping point in the next couple of years. Conscious heart-centered business will soon be the norm rather than the exception.

TROOL-Y enjoyed my time with each and every one of the fabulous folks at the summit. A special shout out to  Kevin Lau’s fiancée, Thao.  We were even blessed  to meet 2 infiltrators (totally awesome dudes!) the Branding Bombe, funny guy Kevin Skarritt of Flock Marketing and the Speaker, Philanthropist, Businessman and all around mensch, Scott Sullivan, who is the founder of the Caring 4 Kids Foundation which he began in Las Vegas. Both of these gentlemen shared their expertise which was an added bonus to an already value-packed event.

Our crew included representatives from around the globe: Australia, Canada including: Ottawa, Toronto &  Vancouver, The Netherlands, Mexico and the US including: California, Colorado, Florida, Louisiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Texas.

The #BigSocial12 Group as seen in the photo above:
Mari Smith, Elaine Lindsay, Julia Senesac, Christine Gregory Campos, Melonie Dodaro, Debbie White, Kay Walten, Carolyn Wilson,  Juan Felix, Allen & Lani Voivod, Kevin Lau,  Lance Joe,  Marites Son, Rose Oliva.

Mari Smith Elaine Lindsay Big Social Summit 2012

My friend and mentor Mari Smith


Thank you all for making this the best 1st annual social summit!  Conscious business people one and all. Can’t wait for #BigSocial13…

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