Miss Manners for Social Sharing

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Miss Manners for Social Sharing When I see a great meme I want to share it! If it gives me a smile or an insight or useful information I want to pass it on, and I want to show my gratitude to the originator. The easiest way to accredit a great meme is to thank the person who posted it in my comment about the post. Accreditation is more than being nice, it is a best practice in Social Media. Everyone has heard that Social Media is all about engagement – why would you miss such a wonderful opportunity to Read More

Webinar Special 9.99! Leveraging LinkedIn: Insider Tips and Search Secrets

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I have to admit it: I have been on LinkedIn for a decade, but I didn’t actually pay attention until 2011. I was originally invited by a good friend, a college professor with two PhDs. I joined, but I didn’t pay attention because I don’t have that paper: a degree. Yes, I’m certified in my field, and a thought leader in Search and Social, but. There’s that ‘but,’ do you have one of those? My ‘but’ was to feel inferior because I didn’t have a degree, regardless of my accomplishments. It really is our internal self-image that drives our expression Read More

1 Social Media Strategy

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1 Social Media Strategy Use Social Media to increase your Sales Yoast ▸ Social Media ▸24 September, 2014 by Michiel Heijmans As a small business owner, there are many ways to promote your product or brand. One of these ways is free and can have a huge reach: social media. Unfortunately, a lot of the entrepreneurs I have spoken to recently feel that the effect isn’t worth the effort. We also see that in our reviews, by the way. It doesn’t matter if we review a photographer’s website or the site of an IT agency, most seem to invest little time in social media Read More