Told Ya! “Yes, We Still Love Google+” Says Larry Page

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Perhaps NOW all the naysayers like Mashable and TechCrunch will stop with the Google+ is dead… etc We get it… Google+ ain’t Facebook.. What don’t you get??? We don’t care! We love it precisely because it isn’t Facebook.  Google+ is a place to meet new people, learn about other places, other cultures, and all the fabulous talent there is in the world. and its part of the TOP TWO search engines in the world… That for me makes it a MUST Have…             This came from MarketingLand on Aug 11th by Danny Sullivan “Yes, We Read More

Recovery time: less than 10 days to hit number 1 on page 1 in the SERPs

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Okay, I am admitting up front that I’m embarrassed about this. My face is red, my head is bowed, but I took the challenge. My recovery time was less than ten days, which is pretty decent, right? You’d think, given that my expertise is optimization of your whole online presence, including social, that every aspect of my company’s branding and social would be optimized. Until a review by my CEO I would have said it was – I was wrong! During a typical review, the CEO presented me with a question that baffled me: why wasn’t our tagline on page Read More