Hangouts get Creative

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So Google+ opened to the public today and added a bunch of new features many of which have to do with Hangouts. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was intrigued from the get go, about the ability to interact with a group of people in real time; face to face to face. The entire Google+ Project gang have done an outstanding job of adding all kinds of functionality to the medium. Hangouts with Extras have some very useful bits.. you can split the screen and add docs, you can write notes and have others in the hangout add to the notes. You Read More

I love twitter

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I love the Twitter platform. Why 140 characters? Excerpt from How Twitter Was Born Dom Sagolla @dom ‘The service was only a few months old when the group acquired and re-branded. Back then, we had no character limit on our system. Messages longer than 160 characters (the common SMS carrier limit) were split into multiple texts and delivered (somewhat) sequentially. There were other bugs, and a mounting SMS bill. The team decided to place a limit on the number of characters that would go out via SMS for each post. They settled on 140, in order to leave room Read More