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Hangouts get Creative

So Google+ opened to the public today and added a bunch of new features many of which have to do with Hangouts. I mentioned in an earlier post that I was intrigued from the get go, about the ability to interact with a group of people in real time; face to face to face.

The entire Google+ Project gang have done an outstanding job of adding all kinds of functionality to the medium. Hangouts with Extras have some very useful bits.. you can split the screen and add docs, you can write notes and have others in the hangout add to the notes.

You can use the sketchpad and have others use it too.. at the  same time.. the applications of this one piece are mind-boggling!

Teaching, board meetings, Medical meetings [where the Dr can draw out the info for you] for those of us who are more visual, this will be an amazing tool.

"Google+ Hangout extras sketch with friends in real time"










just prior to jumping out of a hangout earlier today I took a screenshot of the collaborative artwork we created..Thanks +Chad Giardina Just noodling around to see what was possible we quickly realized we could both draw and add to the sketchpad at the same time. That’s one of my dogs (Cosette) and Chad added the Ruff  Ruff bubble..

Takes me back a few years too.. had s the WordArt which was a staple of the old Microsoft Publisher..

I think this will be a very effective tool for teaching long distance, for family that is far removed from each other and for strategy sessions: The list of business applications is endless.. use your imagination..

Love the whole concept but hey I already said that.. tons.. Hats off to all the Google+ Project people and the hangout folks too

I love twitter

I love the Twitter platform.
Why 140 characters?

Excerpt from How Twitter Was Born Dom Sagolla @dom
‘The service was only a few months old when the group acquired Twitter.com and re-branded. Back then, we had no character limit on our system. Messages longer than 160 characters (the common SMS carrier limit) were split into multiple texts and delivered (somewhat) sequentially. There were other bugs, and a mounting SMS bill. The team decided to place a limit on the number of characters that would go out via SMS for each post. They settled on 140, in order to leave room for the username and the colon in front of the message. In February of 2007 @Jack wrote something which inspired me to get started on this project: “One could change the world with one hundred and forty characters.” ‘

People are so fascinating and you get a glimpse into their random thoughts, which can be funny, heart wrenching and some times just plain baffling! Always interesting and a great jump-off point for a conversation, or an idea which may work well for your business. This platform alone has totally changed the way business interacts with the consumer. People to People transcends the old corporate style of directors and CEO’s being so far removed from the everyday

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  • Stephen Eiler (2)

    Thanks Elaine – Again, you were an amazing inspiration to the class.  They are still talking about it.    As a result of your visit, more of the students are taking the entrepreneurship option more seriously. Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East 

  • Shawn Murphy

    I have tremendous respect for people who know their work inside and out. It’s a joy to watch them do their work: it appears effortless and joyful. This is the case with Elaine. She helped us wade into the pool that is Google+ and learn how to use it to our advantage. She gave us the tools, support and encouragement to turn Google+ into an important channel in our online presence at SwitchandShift.com.  You rock, Elaine! Shawn Murphy, MBA KAI Partners, Managing Director of Organizational Development| Switch & Shift

  • Dr Nathalie Beauchamp

    ”The Maximizer’

    I call Elaine Lindsay the Maximizer. Elaine has the expertise to help any business owner bring it all together when it comes to their online presence. If you want to make sure you are leveraging your social media efforts and Google resources, she is your go to gal! Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre

  • Stephen Eiler

    Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East

    Thank you so much for talking to the students today. I had all sorts of feedback after you left about how inspirational you are. Thanks so much!
    Would like to Introduce you to the chair of the Everest East Ottawa college campus and invite you to be on the PAC committee for the college. Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East

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