Social Media has it’s own ABCs: “Always Be Connecting”
~ ©2014 Elaine Lindsay

There are 2 partners here at Trool Social Media: Chris Lindsay & Elaine Lindsay. They share the same goals. They believe a mutually beneficial & respectful client relationship.. is the ONLY way to do business.

We are happy to follow Simon Sinek’s concept Start with  Why?  turning the business model on it’s head.

TROOL Social Media‘s committed team employs a full menu of digital resources.  We work with small to medium business to build their presence online to raise their bottom line. For all your Social Media, SEO & Online Marketing Strategies.

You can find us @ the corner of Search & Social!

Excellence in Customer Service is the prime motivator at TROOL Social Media. We believe  Success sells best.  We cut through the online jungle to bring you the best presentations,  training, and the most efficient tools to aid you in engaging your customers , We  empower You to create lasting relationships that you,  your business and your customers will cherish for years to come.

We will be blogging on a weekly basis and plan to cover a variety of subjects including social media, relationship marketing, and some general life tips and tricks.

After 25+ years in business from retail to print media,web design and SEO, we have chosen to focus on Social Media and SEO which go hand in hand. We believe all business is social.

Social media engagement|two-way| Social media strategiesTROOL Social Media  believes social media is a 2 way street


Listen   ♦    Connect    ♦     Engage

Let’s get together to equip your toolkit. Be the Leader in your Business Niche and Your customers will happily market YOU!

We work with a small team of talented graphic designers, copywriters and voice artists at TROOL Productions to service all your online needs.

 TROOL Social Media  weaves it all together into a multifaceted tapestry;  ‘Social & SEO’ woven with ‘Relationship Marketing’ and  ‘Customer Service Excellence’ through Social Media.  

Patricia Wall

I say ‘just google me.’ I don’t think about whether they’ll find my business card later or find my website. The connection has been made because Elaine Lindsay makes sure I am the Patricia Wall at the top of search. This allows me to focus on the conversation and the personal connection so they’ll remember my name and want to google me. I can relax and enjoy people: Thanks Elaine.

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