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Technology is creating a world without strangers

29TH APRIL 2012 by   The Next Web..

It was a quiet, cool night in NYC when Rani and Reme set off for an evening stroll through the park on the way to dinner. Reme noticed that Rani wasn’t quite himself, but wasn’t sure that something was up until someone walked up and handed her a rose. Confused, they strolled on, then a second person did the same, followed by a third, a fourth, and a fifth until she was surrounded by roses and people dancing and singing “Will You Marry Me?” She turned around and broke into tears. Rani was waiting on one knee.

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Elaine Lindsay, Speaker♦ Trainer ♦ Social Media Marketing Consultant♦ Certified Relationship Marketing Professional ♦Google+ Expert ♦ G+ Evangelist ♦ early adopter ♦ Host Business Banter Plus TV♦ Host #WSASpeakerSpots ♦ Kinda Bionic, Pollyanna who never quits. Sharing her wisdom and passion, helping you seize the Joy: No matter what life throws at you.

Elaine’s goal is to inspire people, when she speak publicly, when she trains, when she hosts her show. You too can live your passion! Elaine has a background in design & SEO.

As a Google+ Expert Elaine enjoys wonderful opportunities to help others. The Hangouts feature of G+, provides great resources for building connections, increasing your traffic and collaborating on a Global scale.

You can Find Elaine @ the corner of Search & Social! Elaine is Hellbent on Happy.
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