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Google, SEO, and Social Media – Get Listed | Nectar Tasting Room …

Google recently announced the most major transformation ever to their search algorithm and how it displays results to users. The Search, plus your world.…/google-seo-and-social-media-get-list…


Elaine Lindsay, Speaker,Trainer,Online video-Hangouts on Air producer -moderator,Social Media & Search Marketing Consultant, Certified Relationship Marketing Professional, a G+ Evangelist & early adopter ♦ Host – Business Banter Plus TV.
Elaine’s a Kinda Bionic, Pollyanna who chooses Joy. Her goal is to inspire you to seize joy every day. When Elaine speaks, trains and hosts her show, Elaine discovers passion: yours and her own!

As a Google+ Evangelist, Elaine enjoys any opportunity to help others. Elaine teaches, produces and moderates Google Hangouts. Elaine believes G+ provides great resources for building connections, increasing your traffic and collaborating on a Global scale.

Elaine has a background in design & SEO.

You can Find Elaine @ the corner of Search & Social!
Let's Hangout!

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