Are people unable to find you in Search?

Do you feel you need to send out a ‘Search Party’ to find your site?
Do you struggle to figure out the right social media channels and how to engage on those channels for your target audience.Are your posts being seen? Are you simply overwhelmed by the whole digital world?

TROOL Social Media solves this…

By offering you and your team in depth search and social optimization training so you too can be found on page #1 in Search. If you’re NOT on page one; your competition is taking your money!

  • Learn to use the social media channels that matter to your audience
  • Learn how to optimize your social posts so you get better results in search
  • Create mega engagement by optimizing your quality posts

Giving you a solid foundation in the top social platforms like Twitter, Google+, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and more…utilizing those that engage your target audience and that can help you to secure your place as a thought leader in your niche.

Contact us to Improve your Web Presence and How you are found Online

Are you stuck in neutral avoiding video?
It seems everyone except YOU is adopting video in their marketing toolbox, getting a ton of eyes on and more airtime than scripted TV shows!

Are you hesitating to host your own show because the logistics and the behind the scenes bits terrify you?

TROOL Social Media solves this…

By offering you the top training available today; using Google Hangouts on Air so you can *Host your own show like a Pro* with none of the traditional video production costs!

Learn to ‘Host your own Show’ or let TROOL Social Media produce your show for you.

By facilitating the back-end production and moderation of your shows: You can concentrate on your guests, your presentation and your audience. We manage all the background tasks including the set-up and tear-down (Event set-up, search engine optimization (SEO), and post show  MP4)

Online Video ♦ Hangout on Air 

TROOL Social Media opens the door to dialogue with your prospects and customers. We improve communications through social, including online video. We work with you helping you to communicate effectively using the right tools, the right way.

Social Media is NOT about broadcasting.

Through the use of our search & social optimization tools,  we create new ways for you to engage. You get better customer buy-in and increased engagement with your brand to build ongoing relationships.