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Are YOU overwhelmed by social media?

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People can’t find you in Search?

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If you aren’t on page one in Search;  your competition is taking your money! 

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Speaking or Training: Whether it be a small group,a large crowd or a one-on-one meeting; each speak or training program focuses on the specifics of the particular client, our aim is to consistently meet or exceed expectations.

TROOL Social Media‘s committed team employs a full menu of digital resources. We work with YOU and your business to build their presence online to raise their bottom line. For all your Social Media,SEO & Online Marketing Strategies.

You can find us @ the corner of Search & Social!

Excellence in Customer Service is the prime motivator at TROOL Social Media. We believe Success sells best.  We believe when you start with a solid foundation, your Search and Social efforts will stand the test of time.

We cut through the digital web to bring you the best presentations,
training, and the most efficient tools to aid you in engaging your customers.

We empower You to create lasting relationships that you, your business and your customers will cherish for years to come.

With a fresh blog post weekly,we offer tips, latest info, updates and issues that span all things search and Social Media, Relationship Marketing, Social SEO and Social Proof.

After 25+ years in business from retail to print media,web design and SEO, we have chosen to focus on Social Media and SEO which go hand in hand. 

We believe all business is social. 

 TROOL Social Media believes social media is a 2 way street

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  • Stephen Eiler (2)

    Thanks Elaine – Again, you were an amazing inspiration to the class.  They are still talking about it.    As a result of your visit, more of the students are taking the entrepreneurship option more seriously. Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East 

  • Shawn Murphy

    I have tremendous respect for people who know their work inside and out. It’s a joy to watch them do their work: it appears effortless and joyful. This is the case with Elaine. She helped us wade into the pool that is Google+ and learn how to use it to our advantage. She gave us the tools, support and encouragement to turn Google+ into an important channel in our online presence at SwitchandShift.com.  You rock, Elaine! Shawn Murphy, MBA KAI Partners, Managing Director of Organizational Development| Switch & Shift

  • Stephen Eiler

    Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East

    Thank you so much for talking to the students today. I had all sorts of feedback after you left about how inspirational you are. Thanks so much!
    Would like to Introduce you to the chair of the Everest East Ottawa college campus and invite you to be on the PAC committee for the college. Stephen Eiler Instructor, Business Everest College Ottawa East

  • Dr Nathalie Beauchamp

    ”The Maximizer’

    I call Elaine Lindsay the Maximizer. Elaine has the expertise to help any business owner bring it all together when it comes to their online presence. If you want to make sure you are leveraging your social media efforts and Google resources, she is your go to gal! Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre